Understanding Post-Publication Peer Review

Post-publication peer review (PPPR) is new to the publishing process. To comprehend PPPR, we must properly understand the term “peer review.” Peer review is a practice in publishing where research articles and other academic works are evaluated for quality assurance. It is conducted between manuscript submission and article publication stages. However, in this process, a […]

British Versus American English

History English was introduced in America through British colonization by the mid seventeenth century. It spread to numerous different parts of the world because of the overwhelming vastness of the British rule. As time passed, the English spoken in the United States and in Britain began to diversify in various angles. This prompted a new […]

Metadata 2020

Metadata 2020 is a collaborative project that supports richer, connected, and reusable metadata for scholarly and research pursuits. It is defined as the data that provides information regarding other data. This project is organized by Crossref along with associations, publishers, universities, and other scholarly and research communications organizations. Crossref is an official Digital Object Identifier […]

OSCOSS: An Effective Tool For Social Science Research

Publications play a major role in scholarly communication in the social sciences, wherein data is a crucial factor. The entire process of conducting and disseminating social science research includes creating a project plan, collecting and interpreting data, writing the manuscript, journal submission, peer review, publishing the article, and its consumption by readers. However, the entire […]

A Very Brief History of Dr. Hawking

On March 14, 2018, the world awoke to the news of the passing of one of the greatest minds of the twenty-first century, Stephen Hawking. The 76-year-old Cambridge University physicist and best-selling author breathed his last breath at his home in Cambridge, England. Here, we attempt to summarize his life and achievements in the field […]

Asia Becomes the Leader in Global Innovation Again!

In January 2018, Clarivate Analytics (CA) published their much-awaited Top 100 Global Innovator Report, which highlighted the most successful organizations worldwide in 2017. These listed companies are actively into innovation through research and development, while protecting their intellectual property and achieving commercial success. The additional aim of this report is to support businesses prioritizing investment in […]

Shareable pdf: solution to illegal sharing

Copyright is a crucial issue involving research data. Researchers, their employers and funders, and other researchers seeking to reuse the research data often raise questions regarding sharing of intellectual property in the form of published articles and other means. Some of the common questions include what are copyrights; who has these rights; and how does […]