Considering the research publication cycle, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that your research manuscript remains of impeccable quality until the final draft stage. In this effort, we offer two post-editing services, which you can avail after the first round of editing.

Question & Answer Service

  • You can ask our editors questions regarding any of their changes or their comments and respond to edit-related questions from our editors.
  • We will edit <10% text added or changed in response to the editor queries.
  • You can avail this free service up to three times after our first edits to the original text.

New & Revised Editing Service

  • As you sometimes may need to revise your manuscript after the first round of editing (particularly after peer review), we offer this service for your new and revised text.
  • For the first 20% new or revised text, we will edit at a heavily discounted price, any changes beyond this 20% will be edited at the regular price.