The understanding and balance between the technical and management team promises the success of any company. SETS is made up of a team of skilled and experienced medical and content writers, editors, proofreaders, translators, and publication support specialists, all dedicated to our mission of making scholarly, medical, and business communications effective. At SETS, our team makes an extensive contribution to our success.

We ensure that your work is allocated according to the domain specifications and expertise of our team members, which essentially certifies the quality of our services.

Moreover, all our team members hold Master’s and PhD degrees in various fields including Medicine, Life sciences, Engineering, and Humanities.

The quality and confidentiality policies at SETS are stringent.

Before employment, our employees are required to qualify our arduous tests and an interview, which ensures that we only recruit the ones most appropriately qualified and skilled. With our in-house training and rigorous peer review process, the consistency and quality of their work is constantly monitored.

We enjoy our work and working with the various skillsets and personalities within the team. All of us persistently strive to learn and be the best in our specific domains.

Our team members have

  • an average experience of 10 years
  • the ability to maintain highest industry standards
  • unmatched expertise in handling different types of documents and books including research papers, review articles, case reports, LBLs, and clinical study reports
  • extensive knowledge regarding the conventions of several international peer-reviewed scientific journals and almost all style guides and guidelines, such as APA, AMA, and CMOS.

Every day, we unite in doing our best to overcome the language barrier and share knowledge and ideas across the globe.